Concurrence Title
A Bid for the 2004 Eastercon

One Bid - Infinite Sites

A radically new, but completely traditional Eastercon, creating a convention that spans the multiverse. The Concurrence committee is dedicated to choice and we mean to give you more choice than you can possibly cope with. So we have decided to offer you the choice of every possible Eastercon venue in every possible parallel universe, an infinity of possibilities.

As you would expect more than two years out we have very firm, but misguided plans for our programme, but we are unable to select the guests until we have ascertained whether they exist in the chosen parallel universe.


The core bid committee consists of Eddie Cochrane, Mark Young and Steve Rogerson. More people are being recruited and volunteers are welcome.

To contact us e-mail


You decide!

We have scoured the multiverse for available Eastercon venues and have found many that are suitable, though in ninety per cent of all universes the only available site is the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. Here is a small sample of our infinite number of venues, let us know which you'd prefer by voting at Helicon 2.

Click on the links below to check out the venues.

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