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This site is the home of the eBook edition of a 5-volume series of novels which forms a dark "mirror universe" to the television show Babylon Five. The definitive, and latest version of the story can be found on the B5 Dark Mirror Home Site.  Please check on that site for current information on the progress of the writing, or even better, join the discussion group which has been set up to allow readers to discuss the Mirror Universe among themselves. Go to Yahoo Groups and look for the b5-distorted-mirror group to subscribe. The discussion group is being administered by

Characters and situations of Babylon Five J. Michael Straczynski and Warner Bros. Inc., 1993-1998.
Original story Gareth D. Williams, 1997-2002.
For full copyright, reproduction and re-posting details, see the Introduction on the Main web site.

B5 Dark Mirror Home URL: http://www.b5-dark-mirror.demon.co.uk/

eBook edition Home URL: http://www.cobrabay.org/addm.html

"I am a hopeless romantic.  I am, however, not a very nice hopeless romantic.  You have been warned." - Gareth Williams.

This eBook Edition

Unlike the web version, this eBook edition does not have separate files for each chapter, instead all of the chapters for each part are held in a single file. This is primarily to reduce the number of files to a more manageable number. The text has been edited to be more suitable for reading on a PDA screen, so indents, white space and title positions have been modified, and page links removed. The story text itself has been left unchanged. If you notice any errors caused by the re-formatting for this eBook edition, or any problems on this page These eBook editions are based on an extract of http://www.b5-dark-mirror.demon.co.uk/ taken on March 3 2003, with the entire story published except for the Volume 5 synopsis.

Cheers, Eddie Cochrane, March 2003

A Dark, Distorted Mirror

The Babylon Five Parallel Universe Story

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Volume 1 - The Other Half of my Soul

Aportis Doc format Vol 1 (486,056 bytes zipped)

Text format Vol 1 (354,748 bytes zipped)

MS Reader format Vol 1 (412,293 bytes)

Londo image

Volume 2 - The Death of Flesh, the Death of Dreams

Aportis Doc format Vol 2 (502,081 bytes zipped)

Text format Vol 2 (369,514 bytes zipped)

MS Reader format Vol 2 (434,800 bytes)

G'Kar image

Volume 3 - A Line in the Sand

Aportis Doc format Vol 3 (636,663 bytes zipped)

Text format Vol 3 (463,792 bytes zipped)

MS Reader format Vol 3 (525,646 bytes)

Kosh II image

Volume 4 - A Future, Born in Pain

Aportis Doc format Vol 4 (782,619 bytes zipped)

Text format Vol 4 (571,664 bytes zipped)

MS Reader format Vol 4 (624,501 bytes)

Sheridan image

Volume 5 - Among the Stars, like Giants

Aportis Doc format Vol 5 (1,244,797 bytes zipped)

Text format Vol 5 (901,515 bytes zipped)

MS Reader format Vol 5 (922,570 bytes)

Other eBook Formats

A Dark, Distorted Mirror is currently available in the following eBook formats.

On the web site:
Aportis Doc (for Palm-compatible PDAs, or EPOC32/Symbian machines using Ebook or Vreader5)
MS Reader (for PocketPC & Windows PCs)
Plain text (DOS/Windows text)
On request:
Mac or Unix Plain text files
iSilo (for Palm-compatible PDAs)
TCR (for Psion 3, or EPOC32/Symbian machines using Ebook or Vreader5)

In the future:
Mobipocket and Tomeraider formats (possibly), iSilo and MS Reader versions using HTML formatting.
Depending on feedback, and the availability of free conversion tools and copious spare time.

Psion 5 users can read the Palm doc format files using the Ebook program (a 30 day evaluation version is avilable from the Ebook web site) or Vreader 5 (freeware downloadable from this site).

If you would like a copy of the Mac/Unix plain text, iSilo or TCR files, and I will send them to you via e-mail. If you require plain text files, please tell me which operating system you are using and I will send the appropriate Mac or Unix text files. The TCR and Mac text files will be send as 5 zip files, one per volume. The Unix text files will be sent as 5 gzipped tar files, one per volume. If this is inconvenient, let me know and I will see what I can do.
If you would like versions formatted for the page, your best starting point is the original web edition. Please see the "Formatting and printouts" section of the Introduction on the main web site.

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